THOMAS MARUTSCHKE, born 1961 in Germany, lives and works in Ruesselsheim. Founded training as a diploma graphic designer, a clear confession to his own style, works as illustrator and artist for advertisement, editorial and direct customers. "Being determines design" or similarly one could describe the work, which Thomas Marutschke arranges. The illustrator and artist established "Trashline Studios" 15 years ago and since then works as a freelancer for striking and modern artworks. Originally the work was cut out by hand of colour foils. From this developed a special graphic illustration technology, which he converts into vector graphics directly with the computer. Numerous considerable companies used his graphic style, which is particularly suitable for logo and signet design. Since 2003 Marutschke┬┤s works increased on free digital work. Also his work is in many various books, graphic projects and exhibition designs.

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