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Although we've been in business since 1985, we've only been making pens since 1997. But since most other brands have been around for 100 years, or more, we’ve had to continuously make improvements to the quality of our pens. This means that our older pens, which were much less expensive than they are now, with warranties that expired long ago, may not be up to our current standards and over the years they may have been damaged. Since (almost) any possible problem can now be fixed, we are offering a Refurbishing Service for all our Standard Pens (rollerballs and fountain pens). This service is not only to fix damages, but to also upgrade any ACME pen made long ago and bring it up to our current quality and technical standards.

Please note:

a. Some of our older pens or limited editions that were made in very small quantities, may not be able to be refurbished due to the scarcity of their parts.

b. Chips and deep scratches in the lacquer are not repairable, but if we have the needed lacquered replacement parts, we can replace them.

c. The Refurbishing Service only applies to our Standard Pens (rollerballs and fountain pens).

Here's how the Refurbishing Service works:

1) Email us clear photos of the pen, so we can see the actual problem. Send it to: acmestudiomaui@gmail.com

2) We will then advise you of the cost of the repair. Prices may range from $7.50 for a part that we can send you, or for a top to bottom refurbish up to $79 + shipping for a roller ball or $117 + shipping for a fountain pen. Since some of our older pens are now selling on the secondary/collector's market for hundreds of dollars, by using this service, it will increase the current market value of the pen far beyond the cost of the refurbishing.

3) Once the cost of the repair is agreed upon, we will give you simple instructions to follow which will include giving you a Return Authorization number which must appear on the outside of the package that is sent to us.

4) Please do not send us anything prior to receiving the cost and the Return Authorization number.

That's it!! We look forward to repairing and upgrading your ACME pen.

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