CRASH (John Matos), born October 11, 1961, Bronx, NY. Born drawing and painting as a child, CRASH discovered the beauty of the New York City Subways in 1973, and started painting in the winter of 75/76. Started to exhibit in the Fall of 1980 with an exhibition that he curated at the "infamous" Fashion Moda Alternative space in the South Bronx. The controversy that was caused by CRASH, along with other artists, (such as Basquiat, Haring, Cutrone and Scharf) of the East Village still continues 'till this day. His merging of the "street" with popular everyday culture, created works that are understood by his peers, along with the younger people of today, and the older sect. His works have, and contin-ue to be exhibited in museums and fine art galleries throughout the world, along with countless installations ranging from the Casino de Ibiza, Spain, to the complicated mural installation at a metro station in Hannover, Germany.

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