Studio Alchimia was a post-radical avant-garde group founded in Milan in 1976 by Alessandro Guerriero and his sister Adriana with the stated mission of "materializing a non-existent thing into being. Studio Alchimia developed into an interdisciplinary and multiform group whose activities included seminars, production of experimental video, clothing design, theatrical set design, product design, decorative arts, performance art, and architecture. Alchimia presented their first collection of furniture in the exhibition "Bau.Haus uno" in 1978. "Bau.Haus uno" included work by Ettore Sottsass Jr., Alessandro Mendini, Andrea Branzi, Trix & Robert Haussmann, U.F.O., Michele De Lucchi and Paola Navone. Alchimia's 1980 exhibition "Bau.Haus due" included textile work by Daniela Puppa. Studio Alchimia's core membership included the Designers Alessandro Guerriero *, Alessandro Mendini *, Bruno Gregori *, Giorgio Gregori *, Arturo Reboldi *, Pier Carlo Bontempi * and Carla Ceccariglia *. * all designed for the ALCHIMIA for ACME Collection.

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