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Robert & Trix Haussmann
ROBERT HAUSSMANN is an architect BSA (Swiss Architects Association - Zürich, Switzerland, 1931). He studied in Zürich and Amsterdam and established an office for architecture, design and visual consulting in 1967 with Trix his wife. He was a Teacher at the Swiss Institute of Technology for Architecture (1979-81) and Teacher at the Academy of Art in Stuttgart since 1986.

TRIX HAUSSMANN is also an architect BSA. She studied in Zürich at the Swiss Institute of Technology (ETH) and graduated in architecture and urban planning in 1963. She is also a Teacher at the ETH Swiss Institute of Technology. Together, Robert & Trix are doing buildings, interiors, restorations, products, lectures, objects, competitions and consulting. In 1981 they had a exhibition on manierismo critico at Studio Marconi Milano. They participate on various international exhibitions and publications.
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