THE FAMILY / Ed "Big Daddy" Roth
Ed "Big Daddy" Roth
Ed "Big Daddy" Roth was born in Beverly Hills, Ca., on March 4, 1932. Roth was a hot-roddin’ gear head, mad scientist and struggling artist who financed his inventions by selling drawings and t-shirts at drag events, fairs and car shows. Ed would draw cartoons of monsters that he created and pictures of cars. Ed’s most popular monster was Rat Fink, which he created in 1963. Rat Fink started as a drawing that Ed had put on his refrigerator. "Big Daddy" was a genius at designing cars but it was Rat Fink that brought him fame. During the 60’s, teenagers across America were buying Rat Fink model kits and mass-produced Rat Fink T-shirts. Revell American produced model car kits that featured the "Beatnik Bandit" and "Road Agent". Other model kits included "Rat Fink" and the gang a group of hot rodding monsters. Note: During 1963 Revell paid Ed a one-cent royalty for each model sold. Ed brought in $32,000 that year in royalties. That’s how popular Ed’s creations were. We lost Big Daddy on April, 4th 2001. Rat Fink and the gang will continue into the new millennium capturing a new group of Finks young and old for decades to come.

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